How to apply properly to microstock agencies

If you do what I recommend, you will have your first images online as fast as possible! Please note that this still might take weeks or even months but there are a lot of factors to consider.

It is very simple, so follow these steps:

1. Before uploading your first pictures for an application, use the forum at EACH agency to show your application images in the critique section of the forum.

2. Read the critique carefully and listen to other photographers opinions.

3. Use the critique to improve your images.

4. Once the forum “approves” your images, give it a try and upload your application images.

Almost every microstock agency has a critique forum. Usually there are always very helpful and knowledgeable members participating who are willing to give you constructive criticism. Remember, you are asking for critique so they will tell you what they think is good or bad about your images. Take it for what it is but you have to be able to take advice from others. You will learn by making mistakes and correcting them.

Every agency has different application standards. An image that gets approved at Depositphotos might not get approved at Shutterstock. So use every agency’s forum to listen to what the people have to say.

It happened many times that professional photographers with 30 years experience had all their initial images rejected because they thought their images are good enough and didn’t ask in the forums. While the images might look great to your neighbor or a wedding couple you have to understand that this is now an industry standard that you have to comply with.

You can also visit independent microstock forums such as where helpful contributors will give you their advice.

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