How to avoid to get ripped off when buying cameras and equipment

Oh yes we know it all too well. You’re looking forward to a new piece of equipment but the question is: “Where do I buy it?”

Google is your friend and you type in the model number or product description and see there, an online store that has it in stock for half the price compared to Adorama.

“Awesome” you would think, “now I can get my new toy and something else with the budget I anticipated”.

Whow, hold it right there.

If the offer sounds too good to be true, the red flags should up all over the place, indicating that this site is a scam.

There are plenty of such scam sites out there, that offer any piece of electronics at a ridiculous price. Don’t even bother calling them to ask why it’s so cheap. No matter what, but they will tell you anything to get your credit card information. Once they have that, it’s over. A long and nerve-wrecking struggle with the dealer and the credit company may be at hand.

Often the “in stock” item is suddenly on back order. Or the camera ordered arrives, but without manual, warranty slip or battery. You can read all about this at:

Almost every store online has been reviewed by somebody. Check out the store’s rating and previous buyers’ experiences to get an idea for what might be expecting you. Unless you buy at an online store that you already know use this web site to check the store’s reputation. It will save you a lot of frustration.