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Vintage toy robot shouting out a message with bullhorn over white background. High resolution image. Royalty Free. This is my second generation vintage toy robot series. This little fellow comes in different situations doing different things. As you can see below the red vintage toy robot was from the first series. This one also comes with various facial expressions and situations. This illustrations are great for children’s books or invitations. Don’t forget that I also offer custom greeting cards (especially the one with the bullhorn) on Zazzle. You can easily customize the cards to your liking with your own text and image. Click here to have a look at my cards!

If you need any specific products designed with any of my images or like the image you see here (toy robot with bullhorn), don’t hesitate to contact me so I can create a design for you. Usually, I do not charge extra for custom designs offered at Zazzle. All I ask you to do is to use my referral link which I will provide to you.

Royalty Free Content: Waving Vintage Robot

Happy vintage toy robot waving hello

Royalty Free Content: Happy Birthday Robot

Happy Birthday vintage toy robot holding two signs.

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